10 January 2009

Responses to the EOS 5D Mark II firmware fix

If you read the forums, and we do, you'll have seen that some people are complaining about the new EOS 5D Mark II firmware fix.
They're saying that while it seems to have fixed the spots, the banding in sRAW issue fix has thrown up another problem - a magenta cast when looking at sRAW images in third party RAW software.

Well, surprise, surprise, Canon mentioned this in the announcement so what's the big deal? It seems some people just want something to complain about and the magenta cast is the new one. Well, here's a brief thought on it....

The firmware fix has obviously changed the encoding of the sRAW file to help combat the minor banding issues. Until the third party software apps like Aperture, Lightroom and the others catch up with a patch to decode the files properly, this will remain and really shouldn't be much of a surprise to anyone....well anyone who took the time to read the announcement rather than just apply the firmware!

Canon's software download site has the updates for Digital Photo Professional to version 3.5.2 for both PC and MAC on this page; http://software.canon-europe.com/products/0010678.asp. You will need the update to correctly process the RAW and sRAW images from an EOS 5D Mark II with firmware 1.0.7.

Has anyone here got the EOS 5D Mark II and applied the firmware? If so, tell us your thoughts below.....



Chris Shepherd said...

I have installed the firmware. I never had the "black dot" problem and I still don't now.

The camera functions just the same & I only shoot raw. SO for me it was a non-event.

If only all upgrades were this easy.

Tim Myers Photography said...

The firmware patch arrived on the same dat as my 5DII - put it on and didn't think about it - job done. Don't shoot sRaw - have a 40D for that :D