19 January 2009

Hold still, it's an EOS 5D Mark II movie tip

There's been several movies on this site that have been shot with the fantastic EOS 5D Mark II. One of the key points many movie makers stress is the need to hold the camera still. In fact many of the movie makers have resorted to the old film makers trick - put the camera on a tripod.

What if you don't like tripods, or have no possibility to use one in your shoots? Picked up from the experts one alternative to getting steady shots and pans involves no more equipment than Canon put in the camera box.

Put the camera neck strap on the camera in the usual way then adjust it - usually shorten - so that with the camera held in your out stretched hands you pull the strap tight around the back of your neck. Now you have braced the camera against you and pretty much locked it's position. A bit of a twist of your whole body from the waist and you can even do reasonable pans too. 

This is a top tip dispensed by Canon Ambassador Jeff Ascough in a seminar at the SWPP show that's been in London this weekend. 


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