31 January 2009

Daylight video?

It seems that for quite a while now we've been seeing lots of movies shot with the EOS 5D Mark II in low light. Certainly the low light helps keep the depth of field shallow, but we were beginning to wonder if it had only been bought by vampires who couldn't take it out during the day. It seems our fears were, rather unsurprisingly, unfounded. 

I just came across this video on SugMug and had to share it. It is not only shot in daylight, but is also one of the best edited videos I've seen from the EOS 5D Mark II yet. Not only that, the music is great and it's very well filmed too. It was made by Bob Davis, a photojournalist in the USA. 

Hit the comments with your thoughts and also feel free to pass on any links to videos you've seen shot on the EOS 5D Mark II.

In other news on videos and the EOS 5D Mark II, check out this website: TheEOScars.com if that's not an inspired name for a website and a cunning play on words, then I don't know what is! It is essentially a location for all the better videos shot on the EOS 5D Mark II where viewers can rate them. If you're looking for decent videos to convince you to buy one of these cameras, this site will save you having to sit through pages of youtube clips where people have posted their '5D test of my dog eating dinner' or similar....


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