26 January 2009

The new world

While we may think that the western world is the centre of civilisation and the hub of photographic creativity, the sheer number of people in places like China and India means that as prices fall over time, it won't be long before these so-called 'emerging markets' become the most important markets for camera manufacturers. With so many people to sell to, as a volume sales location, they could make more money there than everywhere else put together.

With that in mind, from Canon's point of view, Canon India winning several accolades at Photofair '09 is a good thing. It seems that the photographic press over there lauded Canon for their cutting edge technology and continual product innovation. The senior vice-president of Canon India was even given the accolade of "Second most influential person in photography". That's quite a plaudit. First place went to "All India Photographers Traders Association".

In other areas, Canon picked up the awards for "Best all-in-one printer" and "Best digital compact camera of the year".

With the gradual mixing of cultures going on across the world, and the rise of Indian and Asian film (see the success of the current film "Slumdog Millionaire") industry, how long will it be before we in the western world start paying more attention to the undoubted level of undiscovered photographic talent just waiting for the chance to shine?


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