17 January 2009

EOS 5D Mark II - music video

It seems hardly a day goes by without another EOS 5D Mark II movie being uploaded. This one, a pop video is the creation of Birmingham, UK, based Paul Ward, who lists himself as photographer / artist / designer.

You may think that models playing pool in lingerie is the stuff of pop videos, and you may not like the song, but this video shows how classic movie making techniques with an absence of zooming during each clip looks so stylish. To get the best from the movie feature set of the EOS 5D Mark II takes rather more than just a good photographer. Video making is more like a team sport such as football, as opposed to the one man sports such as javelin throwing.

Paul used the somewhat ordinary EF 17-40mm f/4L and the 24-70mm f/2.8L zoom lenses to make this movie, proving that maybe you don't need the entire collection of Canon fast primes to make EOS 5D Mark II movies. Paul has shot other pop videos so the genre is not new to him, maybe he needs to add videographer to his description?


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