11 January 2009

More EOS 5D Mark II videos

A Sunday post, whatever next?! This we thought we'd share with you early though, rather than waiting for a slot next week. 

We've blogged about Edmond Terakopian before. He has been using the EOS 5D Mark II to test it for the BJP magazine. It seems he has just put the finishing touches to his first short film with the camera. Called 'Muse' it's a totally different style to the films we've seen from the EOS 5D Mark II so far. It's more like an art-house or film-noir style piece following a segment in time of the life of a young woman. 

It's very worth checking out, which you can do in either 720p at Vimeo or in full 1080p on Smugmug.

Hit the comments with your thoughts on this and the EOS 5D Mark II video mode in general. Is it worth it? Is it a waste of time? What would you do with it? 


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