11 December 2008

At Nikon's expense...

There's an amazing video reaction to the recently announced Nikon D3x DSLR camera on youtube. It seems that some photographers think that 8,000 US dollars is a bit too much money.

At least the Canon guys have been shooting with a fast aperture 24mm lens for some years.
On a slightly more reasoned Nikon footing there's a short selection of outtakes from the new Nikon School DVD about the Nikon flash system. Great news for Canon is that you can only buy this in the USA and there seems to be no plans to bring it over here. Cue the JoeBob show

In a return to more regular topics for this blog you should check out the initial thoughts of Ed Terakopian on the EOS 5D Mark II; it seems that Ed has a camera so that he can review it for the BJP Christmas edition - reads more like Santa stopped at Ed's door a few weeks early.


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