3 December 2008

Put your name in every picture you take

All digital EOS cameras have the option to store the owners name in the camera. Usually it’s done by connecting the camera to your PC or Mac and running EOS utility. You have 31 characters and can use alphanumeric characters but not things like the copyright symbol ‘©’ or the at symbol ‘@’. Then for every picture that camera takes the owners name is embedded in the image files themselves. I’ve seen photographers put their names and cell phone number in the field.

In the recent EOS 50D and EOS 5D Mark II cameras Canon added the option to include the photographers name and copyright notice in the standard EXIF data fields of each image. This is in addition to the owners name field described above. The only drawback is that it’s possible to delete these two fields from the camera using the camera menus. Owners name can only be removed using the EOS Utility.

With the wide spread of images it’s a good idea to make sure your pictures can always find their way home when someone wants to pay you for their usage.


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