19 December 2008

EOS 5D Mark II spots and stripes

5DIIDouble post Friday, but this is important. There's been some examples on the web of a phenomenon of black dots, and also to a lesser extent banding in images shot in sRAW1 with the new EOS 5D Mark II. Today Canon has delivered a statement from most of the companies service portals on this. Looks like there's a new version of firmware coming to deliver a fix for spots and stripes.

You can find the details here: Canon Europe Consumer Product Support site,

The notice also notes that the vertical banding issue seems to affect images shot and stored as sRAW1, and to a lesser extent sRAW2. Using RAW or JPEG images eliminates the banding, and also switching off highlight tone priority by setting C.Fn II-3 to 0:Disable can help if you need to shoot in sRAW1 or sRAW2.

If you're desparate for the firmware then keep checking on the Canon website where firmware updates for all EOS cameras can be found here.


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