31 December 2008


Vertical grips...if you're not using an EOS-1 Series camera, then a grip is a very useful accessory to have if you intend shooting with either long lenses or in a portrait format. For one it helps the camera balance better, for the other it gives you vertical shooting buttons to provide a more stable shooting position. If you use an ordinary grip, it also gives you two battery slots and therefore double the shooting time between charges. 

Now, for some users, the WiFi grip might be the way to go. Perhaps you shoot events sometimes and WiFi helps you get images in front of subjects quicker. Or maybe you work in a studio and you like to WiFi out to a computer which projects directly to a wall, giving you and the model a big view of the images you're shooting. 

Chances are though that you don't use WiFi all the time - maybe you're out on location and don't need the WiFi functions. Having two grips - one ordinary, one WiFi would be a bit extravagant. Instead, why not just use the WiFi grip for everything? Makes sense right? Except the one thing you need to do is remember to turn off the WiFi function. If you leave it on, it'll keep flashing at you and also use the battery in there more than it needs to. If you turn it off, you still get all the vertical shooting buttons, and while you don't get two batteries powering the camera at the same time, you do at least have a spare battery with you at all times, 'stored' in the WiFi grip just waiting to be swapped with the one in the camera when it gets low. 

To turn the WiFi grip off, just go to the menu, select WFT Settings and in Communication mode, choose "Disconnect". And that's it. Your WiFi grip will not keep trying to transmit and you still get the vertical shooting buttons and better balance. 


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