26 December 2008

Getting the correct exposure when using a remote release cable

It's another one of these what is that bit for kind of articles. EOS cameras can all be triggered using cable releases or in some cases infra-red remote releases. Usually this is done when the camera is on a tripod or located in a difficult to reach location. This odd location can cause problems since the light from the environment can enter the viewfinder from the rear - where you would normally be looking - and this can cause the exposure meter to meter erroneously. To prevent this kind of error you need to use something to block the light entering the viewfinder.

Eyepeice cover to prevent incorrect exposures when using a cableCanon has two solutions, the EOS-1D series solution with an eyepiece blind, and the other method of a piece of rubber on the camera neck strap. Since yesterday looked at EOS-1D models then today it's EOS 450D's turn. Though this also applies to the EOS 1000D, 40D, 50D and 5D Mark II. 

First up you need to remove the eyepiece rubber frame so that your camera looks similar to this one. 

The next part is to locate the rubber cover on the strap, it's always now that you realise you left that bit on the standard strap when you replaced it with an Optec one!
Eyepeice cover to prevent incorrect exposures when using a cable
Here the cover is fitted over the eyepiece and will block stray light entering the viewfinder and messing up the exposure.


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