23 December 2008

Sharing your pictures

What's the point of picture taking if they only exist on your hard drive? I'm sure that there are a great many undiscovered masterpieces on hard disks around the world. One of the great things about pictures is that they give others the chance to share in your experiences and opportunities. To make all this work, and importantly to improve in your picture taking you need to share pictures with other people, photographers or not. The views of your peers can help you to hone technique or challenge you to try harder. If you think about professional photographers they seek out critique and evaluation of their work each time they shoot with the ultimate reward of being paid for the pictures too.

There's many great sites on the web for photo sharing and critiques where the community can give you feedback on your pictures. Of course public internet forums can be positive and negative, but taking the criticism and turning it into better ideas and pictures is the key.

If you were ever looking for a great big bit of Canon inspiration then flickr could well be the place; Canon cameras are the most popular on flickr and also the most popular DSLR and Compact camera. There are over 100 million pictures taken with an EOS 350D or 400D on flickr already. Flickr creates it's own star photographers, you can find amazing work in the explore feature of flickr.

However since this is holiday season, then you could do well to see the story of Aaron and Rosie, two people in different countries who met through flickr and are now planning to get married.

We're still working on the featured tog for Tuesdays and will start the feature in 2009 and have a few people lined up, but we'd love to hear from you in the comments.


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