4 December 2008

Canon riding the recession quite well

A key of buying any DSLR camera is the system behind it. The system is what gives DSLRs the huge range of capabilities, the adding of longer, wider, faster lenses a selection of flashes is all part of the buying process. Often new photographers buy the camera and then check out the system that goes with it. It should be the other way round, the system should decide the camera. However what if the compnay is facing difficult times, there's a recession on don't ya know.

Well buying a Canon just got a lot more comfortable, this article Cut-free zone: a company to copy in a slump in the Independent explains that Canon is riding the recession better than many of it's Japanese peers. Having a cash pile of 737 billion Japanese yen is quite a comfort zone, that's 5 billion pounds in English money! I wonder if some of that cash is earmarked for Canon's SED TV ambitions now that the patent issues seem to have cleared?

So it's a fair guess that they will still be in business when you've finally saved up the money to buy that last bit of your EOS system.


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