16 December 2008

Your opportunity to be the featured photographer on Tuesday

Hoping that you've noticed the previous Tueday postings have been mostly to highlight individual photographers and their causes, this is your wake up call to get in on the act. With traffic climbing here on a weekly basis this could be a great chance for your own promotion in 2009.

We're now contacting and collecting photographers for selection as the guests for something we termed Tuesday Tog. You get the opportunity to answer some of our questions, share some of your most inspirational work and even blatantly promote your own online presence or cause. If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of then leave some comments for us or by email to blog 'at' blabpictures -dot- co -dot- uk, sorry about the adress spacing but if you're human you'll understand. Mark the comments with DON'T PUBLISH in them and that way your details won't be all over the web - yet or again.

It's just before this post goes live, and I've just read a peice about being a professional photographer penned by Joe McNally on his blog. Ignore the title, it's a peak inside the mindset of a photographer with a mesmerising narrative that means you'll loose about 5-10 minutes whilst you read it yet gain some pearls of wisdom once you understand it. What's more Jason over at CanonBlogger has a great peice about the difference between male and female photographers.

Time to get out there and make contact, male or female you could be the photographer offering your insight for free and reaping the rewards as one of our Tuesday togs.


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