17 December 2008

Sensor clean tip

Sensor cleaning. Argh! It makes grown men go weak at the knees. We've been told it's a delicate place to go and that it should be left to the professionals. But did you know you're not actually cleaning the sensor? It's the low pass filter in front of the sensor that gets the dust on it.

But that's beside the point. Now, up front I need to apologise as this is a UK based tip and I'm not sure how it works in other countries, but it would be worth checking.

When you buy an EOS camera, there is a one year warranty with it. Within that warranty period, Canon UK will do one full sensor clean. All you need to do is get it back to them by paying carriage (and insurance if you want) each way. They'll do a sensor clean and it'll come back pristine and ready for use.

With the advent of the Integrated Sensor Cleaning, manual cleaning with Arctic Butterflies, Swabs, Hoovers etc seems to be becoming a thing of the past - certainly my main EOS 1D Mark III has not had a manual sensor clean yet and it's done 20,000+ frames. But it's at least nice to know that if you want it done by Canon, the first one is free!


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