13 December 2008

Is your software up to date?

Chances are if you are still using the same software that came in the box with your camera you would benefit from an update to the latest version. Since Canon puts a whole plethora of software in the box to allow everyhing from remote control of the camera, tethered shooting, organisation, RAW processing and printing you might find great new features with an upgrade to the latest version. Certainly if you shoot RAW and use Canon lenses then the latest version of DPP is the one with the biggest range of lenses supported for the lens abberation correction function.

Canon Europe puts all it's software on it's software download center at http://software.canon-europe.com. Here you can find not only English software versions, but also French, German, Italian and Spanish if that's more appropriate for you.

A bit of valuable advice DPP and EOS Utility are paired, if you download the Digital Photo Professional 3.5.1 updater, then you also need the EOS Utility 2.5.1 to go with it. This is the typical download for a lot of users but ZoomBrowser and ImageBrowser are there too.

Just recently Canon has added the camera instruction books as PDF files. I just checked the EOS-1D Mark III page and found English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and even Russian camera instruction books. I think this is new because in the past the only place to get manuals was the Canon USA website.


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