23 January 2009

Black dots....again

Well would you believe it. All you Nikon lovers best start your grovelling apologies because the shoe's on the other foot now.

Since the launch of the EOS 5D Mark II there have been those (let's call them Nikon users) who have been very vocal in their ridicule of the new camera because in some circumstances, it suffered from black spots at the edge of highlights in high ISO images. Firmware version 1.0.7 put a stop to it. Full stop. (Suggesting they were only ridiculing what they were jealous of would just be seen as sour grapes so we'll stop short of that...)

Now it seems Nikon are having their own travails with it too. In the latest firmware updates for BOTH the Nikon D3 and the Nikon D700 (2.01 and 1.01 respectively) they have apparently addressed a phenomenon of BLACK DOTS! Yes, you read that right. Black dots on a Nikon camera when shooting with long exposure noise reduction set to ON.

Anyway, not wishing to be the finger pointing kind, but I never like to pass up the opportunity to laugh at our bearded, sandal wearing brethren :-)

I thought all you Canon users might like some ammunition for when your Nikon-shooting "acquaintances" start getting a little mouthy.


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