29 January 2009

Assignments commeth...

We need your help. We want Blab to be a site you come and visit and learn from. We also want you to be involved. Like a community of photographers who share ideas with each other and learn from each other. So, we're asking for your pictures. 

Each week we will put up an assignment task. A topic on what we want you to go and take pictures. We'll try and give some advice, or hints and then you go and give it a whirl. You then upload your images to our Flickr group and we'll then give you our feedback on them. Sometimes it'll be technical, sometimes it'll be aesthetic. We hope that all the time it'll be useful funny and informative. We also hope it will get yo involved. 

So the plan is this. We'll upload a topic on Friday. You then have until the following Tuesday to get your images in. By the Friday we'll have then looked through all the images uploaded, and picked out our favourites or those that we have the most to say about, to comment on. These comments will be posted with the next challenge title. We may also ask the poster of our favourite image that week to be a guest 'commenter' the following week. 

We'll kick off with a topic tomorrow, so get your thinking caps on! 


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