12 March 2009

You call the shots with ShutterVoice

I was sent the link to the site www.shuttervoice.com by Chris Neill, our featured 'tog on Tuesday. ShutterVoice's author Scott Forman has written a great application that combines the speech recognition function of the Windows Vista and XP operating systems with camera control - yep that means you can tell the camera what to do for real!

What's next camera activated photographer?

The ShutterVoice application would be great for self portraits as you can call out the commands from your position in the scene. According to the website you can even control the AF while in Live View mode on the EOS 50D and EOS 5D Mark II. Maybe this is a cool thing for the flickr self portrait artists to bring to prominence. I'm sure Microsoft would love to have Miss Aniela on their booth telling her camera to take pictures this way.

ShutterVoice is available to download in a 30 day trial edition, if you'd like to try it for yourself. It only costs 30 US dollars to buy a copy.


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