14 March 2009

Free Canon printers on ebay

Do you ever buy stuff on ebay? Would you be in the market for a free printer? If you can answer yes to both these questions then you need to read this.

Canon UK sells some refurbished stock on ebay through it's Canon outlet account. Just recently they have been selling PIXMA MP470 printers for around twenty five pounds with only three pounds shipping cost. So that's a free printer since they put in the box with the printer a new and complete set of ink genuine Canon ink, the PG-40 and CL-41 cartridges. The part that makes the printer free is that these pair of cartridges sell on Amazon for around twenty eight pounds including shipping. So buy your ink from Canon UK and get a free printer for less than Amazon.

Sorry if this makes it a bit more expensive, but don't forget they also sell EOS cameras, EF lenses and all kinds of other Canon equipment too and often for bargain prices. It's worth a look, and to make it easy then include the terms 'canon' and 'outlet' in the search box since they always put them in their item descriptions.


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