25 March 2009

The Danes were right!

Well, we had the rumours from Denmark a couple of weeks ago, then it all went quiet. It seems though, they were right. 
Canon today have announced four new products - two of them are the two new printers we told you about the other week that had been launched in America and Hong Kong - the other two, are a new camera - The EOS 500D - and a new flashgun - the Speedlite 270EX.

It seems that Full HD i s making a march on the EOS range. The new EOS 500D features a 15.1 Megapixel APS-C sensor and the ability to shoot full HD Movie clips. But that's not all - the movie mode has seen some changes from the EOS 5D Mark II. Now you have the option for 1080p, 720p for longer recording or VGA. 

The ISO range has had a tweak from the EOS 450D as well - it's now 100-3200 with expansion settings for 12,800! It's also featuring the lovely 920,000dot screen that has been featuring on all other new EOS models recently too. 

No word on availability yet, but as soon as we find out, we'll let you know. Price, though seems to be around the £869.99 mark based on a quick look at various retailers. 

The other new product is the Speedlite 270EX. This is an update to the 220EX, the pocket flash for light in small spaces. It takes the 200EX and improves on it by including a zoom and bounce head. It's aimed at PowerShot and entry-level SLR users looking to move up from the built-in flash without getting into the bigger, bulkier 430EX II or 580EX II. Powered from 2xAA batteries, it keeps the weight down too. 

Price at £149.99 it could be interesting for some users. Available in May. 

EOS 500D Press Release:
The new EOS 500D features a 15.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor – ideal for large detailed prints or enormous cropping possibilities. For shooting in near-dark conditions, the EOS 500D offers a high ISO sensitivity up to 3200 which is expandable to 12800, giving photographers the power to shoot in the dimmest light conditions. Outstanding noise reduction is made possible by Canon’s DIGIC 4 processor.

The EOS 500D heralds a new way for photography enthusiasts to capture their world. It pairs outstanding still image capture with Full HD 1080P video recording. For longer video shoots, users can also choose lower shooting resolutions of 720P or VGA. A built-in HDMI connection allows easy and instant review of images and movie clips on any compatible HDTV.

Every detail revealed
Exacting image preview and review is provided by a 3.0” Clear View LCD screen.The same screen as used on the acclaimed 5D Mark II, it features a 920,000 dot count – for ultra-detailed image review, accurate focus checks, and clear access to the EOS menu system. As well as aiding shooting from awkward angles, Live View mode includes contrast based and Face Detection AF options. Ideal for newcomers to digital SLR photography, these allow compact-camera style auto focus, with a real-time image displayed on the LCD.

Features at a glance:
-15.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
-Full HD movie recording with HDMI connection for viewing and playback on an HDTV
-ISO 100-3200 (expandable to 12800)
-3.4 frames per second continuous shooting
-Max. 170 large JPEG images in a single burst
-3.0” ClearView LCD with Live View mode
-9-point wide area AF with cross type centre point
-High speed DIGIC 4 performance and superb image quality
-EOS Integrated Cleaning System

Speedlite 270EX Press release:
25 March, 2009: Canon announces the launch of the entry level Speedlite 270EX, an enhanced flash designed for EOS and PowerShot users. Replacing the popular Speedlite 220EX, the Speedlite 270EX is aimed at photographers wanting to expand their flash photography beyond the built in flash and those who want a small: pocketable flash unit to complement their EOS-1D or EOS 5D series. The compact Speedlite 270EX builds on the success of its predecessor, with more power than usual for its class and size.

The Speedlite 270EX includes a host of new features not available with a built-in flash that push the boundaries for the entry level flash market. These include the addition of a zoom head, ensuring efficient light distribution and bounce flash head, enabling light from the flash to bounce off a ceiling to produce pictures with more flattering lighting with softer tones and depth. Improved circuitry offers near silent recharging and enables similar recharging times as its predecessor, despite being powered by just 2 AA batteries.

Pricing and availability:
The Speedlite 270EX is available from early May 2009 priced at £149.99 / €169.99 RRP inc. VAT.

Key Features include:
-High power flash with a maximum guide number 27 m
-Fast, silent recycle times
-Manual flash output (settable via camera menus)
-Speedlite controllable with compatible camera's menu
-Zoom head
-Bounce flash head

Hit the comments if either of these interest you. Or even just give us your thoughts! 

EDIT: we've just picked up one odd feature in the new camera - it seems if you choose to shoot in the Full HD setting of 1920x1080, the frame rate is 20fps.... if you go to 1280x720 or 640x480 it's 30fps as it is on the EOS 5D Mark II. We can only imagine that it's processing power that is stopping it shooting 30fps at 1920x1080. One up side of this though, is it shows Canon can change the frame rate in the movie mode....so, does it mean we could see 24/25fps on the EOS 5D Mark II as has been asked for by many? 


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Henry Mounser said...

Looks hot to me, I hear the 500d or the Rebel T1i as they call it here has the same sensor as the 50d?! The flash... whatevers, not worth it to me.