20 March 2009


Free wedding photography, by a real professional photographer. Don't they know there's a recession on and they will likely need every penny.

Well there comes a time for most of us when earnings are important, but there's always a time when living is more important. www.photographers4charity.co.uk was set up by Andrea Lane to offer people who are really struggling with illness or hardship and unable to afford a professional photographer for their wedding. The goal is to get the guests to donate money to Cancer Research UK and the photographer donates their time and efforts to the bride and groom.

The key things to note about this great offer;
  • You need to be getting married in October, November or December 2009 in the UK
  • You need to apply by 30th June 2009 if you'd like a free wedding photographer
  • You can offer your services as a photographer through the site: www.photographers4charity.co.uk
Times are hard but these kind of initiatives are the things that gets us through the tough times.

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