6 March 2009

TWO assignment update - Alex Scott

There was a deafening sound of only 1 picture hitting the blabpictures group for the TWO assignment. Thanks indeed to Alex Scott for this great presentation of the TWO assignment.
TrackSo what better than to spend a post talking about the amazing photography that Alex Scott has on flickr. If you need inspiration for your landscape photography then Alex's amazing landscapes from Northumberland, the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye are a testament to his skill and preparedness to wait for all the elements to come together to make outstanding pictures. Just being in a scenic place is not enough. The decisive moment is often thought of as a fleeting moment flying past at high speed, but for landscape work the decisive moment is often something that takes patience since mother nature has a pace all of her own.

Thanks Alex for some great work, and for making me realise that my own attempts at landscape work still has a long way to go.


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