3 March 2009

Breaking news.... EOS-1D/Ds Mark III AF updates

It's been rumbling along for a while, but as if to prove that Canon will continue developing products in response to user feedback, they have today quietly announced some updates to the EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds Mark III models. You'd expect that two years down the line a company would stop developing and just get on with whatever they're doing next, but Canon do seemingly feel the pain of their photographers, some of whom have been having issues with the cameras. 

I say they've announced them quietly, because they haven't seemingly told anyone about it yet. We just picked it up by chance looking through the support pages of the Canon UK website.

So, if you have an EOS-1D Mark III or EOS-1Ds Mark III, you want to read this.
There are two parts to it and you should read both as they will be of interest. 
First up is a heading entitled "Announcement regarding AF accuracy in EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III cameras". This talks about AF accuracy when any AF point other than the central point is used. Canon are offering free AF accuracy checks and alignment for affected products. To help further they have also produced a web page with some extra information on getting the very best out of the AF systems in the EOS-1D Mark III when shooting in AI Servo focus mode. This gives tips on setting the camera for different situations to ensure you get the very best performance possible. It also includes a section on Canon's AF performance philosophy so you can understand what they are aiming for. 

The second part is about abnormal mirror operation and Err99 on the EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III. Canon are offering free repair to any affected products and have also produced an updated firmware (1.2.5 for EOS-1D Mark III and 1.1.4 for EOS-1Ds Mark III) that gives more information when error codes appear so that better support can be given. 

More info on the firmware updates (applies to both models):

The following improvements have been incorporated.

1. Corrects a phenomenon associated with image display during Live View shooting. Corrects a phenomenon in which a displayed image becomes pitch-black if it is zoomed in during Live View shooting.
2. Improves reliability of USB communication. Corrects a phenomenon in which "busy" may continue to appear on the camera, if the USB cable is disconnected during USB communication.
3. Changes the error indications that are displayed on the camera. In previous firmware, if an error is detected "Err 99" is displayed on the camera in most cases.
Firmware Update Version 1.1.4/1.2.5 further specify the error indications as follows:

10 Malfunctions related to files have been detected.(*1)
20 Malfunctions related to the mechanical have been detected.
30 Malfunctions related to the shutter have been detected.
40 Malfunctions related to the power source have been detected.
50 Malfunctions related to the electric control have been detected.
70 Malfunctions related to images have been detected.
80 Malfunctions related to the electric control or images have been detected.
99 Malfunctions related to the mechanical charge mechanism have been detected.
*1: Err 10 is only displayed on the EOS-1Ds Mark III and other error numbers are shared.

If malfunctions in the camera are detected, "Err XX" will be displayed. A two-digit number that corresponds to the malfunctions detected by the camera will be displayed in the "XX" section of the error number. Other than the error numbers listed above, there are other numbers such as "01". In that case, provide appropriate handling and servicing by following the details displayed on the LCD monitor of the camera.
If an error code appears frequently, the camera is malfunctioning; therefore, note down the error number and contact our service center.
The changes in the display of error indications only apply to the EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III. The above error numbers and details do not apply to models other than the specified models.

Have you got one of these cameras? If so, let us know how it goes and what you think of the new information. 


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Anonymous said...

I think this just goes to show that they still havent/cant fix the problems associated with the MK3's,How many times will Canon say its fixed only to bring a statement like this out 2 years after coming into production, I read an English mag yesterday that says that every camera it has tested with the Digic 3 chip has had soft images