2 March 2009

MAC OS 10.5.6 - teething problems for tethered shooting

Just a quick note to share some experience of tethered shooting using EOS Utility with Apple MAC OS-X 10.5.6. It's best if you don't do it!
10.5.5 worked fine, but somehow Apple seems to have broken something with 10.5.6. Even Apple's own support forums have people complaining. If you have installed 10.5.6 as part of the MAC auto update then you don't have a simple way back to 10.5.5, but help or hope at least, is in sight. Apple has just released 10.5.7 to it's beta testers so let's all hope that will fix what Apple broke in 10.5.6.

If you have a MAC with OS-X 10.5.6 and tether your EOS camera to it let us know your opinion in the comments. From our experience a few minutes of Live View mode shooting will usually lock the machine up, and some tethered shooting, say 100 shots, tends to be enough to cause the lock up.

One other thing that we have seen is that even using a camera over PTP mode WiFi still causes the same problem as shooting with it tethered on USB.

Windows users can gloat here at this MAC glitch, but at least the fix for the USB bug seems to be near. Unlike Vista which has sufficient issues that I would recommend an install of Windows XP.


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Anonymous said...

> Unlike Vista which has sufficient issues that I would recommend an install of Windows XP.

Coming from a software development firm, we've not seen any real issues with Vista. Granted, we haven't upgraded our dev machines yet, but we have to support customers on it.

Most software just runs; software that was written the right way to begin with carries on like nothing changed. Drivers are a problem, in as much as manufacturers need to get on with updating drivers for Vista. On the plus side, Windows 7 is looking good on the user experience side while maintaining compatability with Vista drivers.

The biggest issues I've seen with Vista are developers using 16-bit installers for 32-bit programs (... why were people still doing that???) and applications assuming where config items should go rather than using Microsoft's mechanisms to ask where they should go. The big problem with Windows is that there are a lot of very average developers out there.