24 February 2009

Focus...have you been?

We've been up at Focus today having a look around, hence the lack of a post so sorry for that... Did you miss us?!
Anyway, have you been yet? It seems busier than expected given the financial situation, but not as busy as last year.
There were some good deals to be had as well and we managed to get a short hands on look at those new Pocket Wizards as well! Yes, they're as sexy in real life, but a bit bigger than expected! They're certainly on our shopping list for the near future.

Canon have a large presence again, in fact it seems to be the biggest and the busiest stand around. They have a whole booth of EOS 5D Mark II cameras as well as the rest of the range and a lens bar with all the large white lenses arranged. There are also some really interesting free seminars being given upstairs, so if you're going tomorrow, check them out early as they book up quick.
I wouldn't expect too many last day deals on Canon kit this year. Most places seem to be running low on stock so they won't be discounting as heavily at a guess.

Anyway, have you been? If so, what did you think? Did you buy anything?


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Loved: Nikon bags on entry, Moo cards, Hasselblad stand, Lots of fine art paper, Cheap CR2 batteries, Elinchrom Quadra and catching up with Blab Pictures !

Hated: People carrying cameras, people carrying rucksacs of their entire kit, the bus loads of students wandering around in packs, too many models/PR girls just creating blockages and encouraging the dirty mac brigade.