21 February 2009

Stop taking pictures without 'film' in your camera

Canon DSLR cameras ship from the factory setup for simple demonstration at the photo retailer. Probably a carry over from when the internet photo dealer didn't exist and touch and try before buying cameras in store was popular!

'don't get mad, get even - make sure that camera can't fool you again and set it to only take pictures when it's got a memory card in'
The trouble is that the cameras are designed by default for taking pictures without a memory card being fitted. So you take the new camera home - or the delivery driver finally brings it to you - and the camera is still in shop demo mode. So batteries charged and loaded off you go for a shoot; forty** pictures later you realise that it would be really nice to review your first shots so you can post your - my first shots with my new EOS gallery. Now you find that you didn't load a memory card so you have no shots.

Press the MENU button, scroll or move down the first menu to find the Shoot without CF/SD or memory card option and set it to OFF. Now you will see messages on the camera that there's no card in the camera a lot, but you cannot take pictures without having loaded some digital 'film'.

** Traditionally in the days of film camera you would get around 40 shots before you realised the no film or mis-loaded film issue as you tended to get used to around 36 shots on a roll and if the film hadn't run out then usually it wasn't loaded.


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