7 February 2009

Canon Ambassadors free exhibition 7-28 February

Canon USA has been running it's explorers of light program for leading professional photographers for many years. In Europe it's less than a year since the formation of the Canon Ambassadors.

Canon has today opened a free photo exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London just off Oxford Street. Open until the end of February, the exhibition features the photographic work of the nine current Ambassadors - portrait and fashion shooter Lorenzio Agius (Orchard by Getty Images), wedding photographer Jeff Ascough, motorsport photographer Frits van Eldik, photojournalists Gary Knight (VII) and Ziv Koren (Polaris Images), wildlife shooters Thorsten Milse and Michael Nichols (National Geographic), documentary photographer Paolo Pellegrin (Magnum Photos), and award-winning photojournalist Brent Stirton (Reportage by Getty Images)

If you do stop by the exhibition it would be great to leave your views in the comments.


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