14 February 2009

A silly Saturday tip

There's no such thing as a stupid question. I should know, I've asked my fair share of what some may call stupid questions. the reality is, they're simply questions you don't know the answer to. Either that or you know the answer but think you don't. These are the 'Kicking myself' questions. 

Today's 'kicking myself' question comes courtesy of an email I got the other day asking me why the focus beep had stopped working.

The focus beep indeed. Personally I never use it, but I know several photographers who do. If you want to use the focus beep, you need to know one thing about it - It only works in One Shot AF or AI Focus AF. It will not function in the subject tracking focus mode of AI Servo AF.

So, if your focus beep suddenly stops working, make sure you've not changed AF modes. If you have, that's the reason. 


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