25 February 2009

Canon Ambassador Paolo Pellegrin shoots the Oscars stars

There's a stunning set of new images on the magnum blog shot by Canon Ambassador Paolo Pellegrin. Sent to shoot the stars at the Oscars these pictures feature eight of the film industry stars; Sean Penn, Brad Pitt, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Mickey Rourke, Robert Downey Jr., Frank Langella and Kat Dennings in striking raw portraiture away from the glitz and glamour.

See the set of 16 images on the Magnum blog, and also as a multimedia set with more images on the New York Times website with audio commentary by Lynn Hirschberg. I really like the very natural flow to the set, but especially the one of Kat Dennings on the phone to her mother in the NY Times set. Maybe it's the fact that the caption says she's on the phone to her mother that makes this one my favourite, but maybe it's the normality of the scene?


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