18 May 2009

Oil spots on the troubled EOS-1D(s) Mk III waters

Someone at Canon must be getting the message by now, the flagship EOS-1D(s) Mark III model has a new service alert for oil spots! It seems in the drive to make the camera better, stronger, faster they made it more oily too.

Here's the FAQ on the Canon UK service site, so you know the drill, it's time to send in the cameras again, because in the manufacturing stage they put too much oil on the camera moving bits and when the shutter is open some of that oil can land on the image sensor. Surely there can be little much left that has not been the subject of a fix or two by now, in fact we probably have a Mark III and a half already.

Update: both Mark III models are affected.
NOTE: The EOS-1Ds Mark III & EOS-1D Mark III are affected by the oil issue according the Canon sites.


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