25 May 2009

It's a bank holiday today!

Today is a bank holiday, so we're going to take a break from filling your inbox with lovely Canon-centric photo content, tips and tricks.

In fact, this whole week is a half term holiday so we reckon a lot of you will be off work and away with the kids. We're going to take this opportunity to recharge the batteries and shift locations.

Our new site is starting to take shape and we'll be pouring the content from the blab blog into there over the coming days. It'll be a long process so please hang on with us, once it's done we hope we'll be bringing you an even better location for all things photographic and Canon.

If you want to get ahead of the game and visit the new site now, you can at www.eos-network.com

There is a network/community/forum (call it what you will!) for you to join and make friends in and there is information about the photo training courses we'll be running over the course of this year. It's free to register and join, so come on, what are you waiting for?


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