1 May 2009

Filters... again!

So, you've taken our advice and stopped using filters on your lenses all the time for protection. But there's a problem. When you went to take the filter off one of your lenses, it was stuck and wouldn't budge. Panic, what do you do?

Well, worry ye not. It has happened before and it'll happen again. Fortunately, there are several ways to remove them.

The first one people turn to is a filter wrench. But it's a faff carrying one around with you and there are other solutions.

Next up, if the filter ring is made of brass, then putting the whole thing in the freezer can help - the brass and aluminium contract at different rates and the filter becomes unjammed. This works, but takes time and some people don't like putting their lens in the freezer.... although others happily shoot with their lenses in the arctic and suffer no ill effects.

Finally, our favourite method. An elastic band. Yep, you read it right. A good, strong elastic band is generally all you need to carry with you. Simply slip the elastic band over the filter ring and start turning. The rubber will give you more of a grip and you should be able to free even the most jammed filter. If not, then combining and elastic band and a freezer is almost guaranteed to do the trick.


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