27 April 2009

Please stop the ****in beeping!

Having been to a church wedding this weekend I have a top tip. For all of the photographers who are 'doing a bit of wedding work' to help make ends meet, a church marriage service is not the place for a beeping camera.

All the EOS cameras come from the factory with the beeps enabled as a default, to turn the beep off you need to go to the first menu tab and find the selection for BEEP and turn it off. Alternatively if you use back button focus then keep the camera in AI Servo AF and it won't beep either.

Maybe I'm just tuned to it, but the beeps of the wedding togs camera sure distracted me enough to notice he'd got a new EOS 5D Mark II and some EOS 5D cameras and only the new EOS 5D Mark II was beeping.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great post, and sadly very appropriate.

Don't tell me they had a whistle as well, and insisted on a shot of the bride being held up by the groomsmen ?

Still I'm sure the photos will turn out just fine.