9 April 2009

The Hot Shoe Diaries

We've mentioned Joe McNally before and despite being a Nikon photographer (everyone has a cross to bare) he's a damned fine photographer... proof that it is possible to transcend the limits of a camera and still make good pictures! ;-)

Anyway, he recently published a new book called "The Hot Shoe Diaries" and is all about big light from small flashes. While it may be heavily Nikon-centric, it gives a great insight into how Joe makes his stunning pictures and if nothing else provides an enormous amount of inspiration to get out there and do it.

He walks you through his lighting process and while he may travel with enough small lights to stop a Nepalese sherpa, he devotes 110 pages to shooting with one light. Yep, one light is apparently all you need!

If you've been thinking about doing some more of the strobist stuff, then we strongly suggest picking up a copy.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Just ordered it ;)

Although whilst your statement "owning a Nikon is a cross to bear" is factually incorrect and unforgivable, it is also grammatically incorrect. I don't want Joe baring any crosses, wherever they are tatooed.

"Cross to bear" would offend a little less I suspect :D