2 April 2009

EOS 500D - the price is not right

EOS 500DLast week Canon launched the EOS 500D, great specifications with 15MP APS-C size sensor, DIGIC 4 and HD video. Everyone seemed really happy with the product apart from video people looking for full HD at selectable frame rates and full manual control in video modes too. Then once the initial excitement of the new product was passing we read down the specification sheets and checked a few suppliers websites.... looks like someone has a strange calculator for determining the UK list price; I mean eight hundred and sixty quid is a huge pile of money in this credit crunch time, and that's body only...!

Consider this for a moment, eight hundred and sixty nine pounds will get you an EOS 40D with EF-S 17-85mm IS lens and some change. It will get you an EOS 50D body only or two EOS 450D bodies! In our opinion go for the EOs 40D with the 17-85mm IS lens as a much more capable camera for stills, or go for the EOS 50D for the same resolution, better ergonomics, better AF, better battery life, better viewfinder in fact everything except video!

You must really want to be the next Tim Burton or Vincent Laforet to stump up for an EOS 500D at that price.

So amazed was Amateur Photographer magazine in the UK that they contacted Canon to seek some clarification, and the reply was basically flannel since the US price is 799 US dollars.

Yes in the USA they quote prices without sales tax, so that's about 5%, but still some gap to the UK prices.

Really we're all hoping that this is an indication to the dealers and once the cameras start shipping in May then the price will reach a more normal or acceptable level close to 500 or 600 pounds.

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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pumaknight said...

RRP??? I am sure that the street price will be a more realistic proposition regardless of the Sterling/Yen exchange rate.

Dave Courtenay said...

It seems to be the way-new camera -unrealistic price compared to the rest of the range-same with Nikon D3X,until all the range has changed and everything is more expensive-Camera gear seems to be one of the few things these days that are increasing in cost-Not Good