1 April 2009

EOS 5D Mark II batteries why are they so scarce?

We like the new EOS 5D Mark II a lot, it does many great things and one nice thing is that the batteries seem to last a long time. Which is really helpful as they are a bit scarce to get in the market right now. We asked the manufacturer for a comment on the battery supply situation and they checked and said that the batteries use a new battery technology and although it says Lithium Ion on the pack actually they use a unique combination of RARE-ium and UNOBTAINium dioxide to provide power for the EOS 5D Mark II.

Rare-ium is the worlds least available metal, and can only be found in remote corners of Japanese hot springs. It also rumoured to be an essential component of missing socks.

Unobtainium dioxide is a similarly difficult gas that can only be created in conditions of absolute zero kelvin and a perfect vacuum.

However the combination provides amazing power for the EOS 5D Mark II. Canon previously experimented and even showed a working camera with a fuel cell battery in 2005. However once the designers realised that recharging the battery required photographers to throw cameras in the sea to recharge them the products never came to production.

Some photo dealers also told us that the BG-E6 battery grip and WFT-E4 wireless file transmitter are also thought to contain small traces of RARE-ium too!


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