7 November 2008

Using a Macro RingLite MR-14EX as a master flash

The Macro Ringlite MR-14EX and also the Macro Twinlite MT-24EX can work as a master flash in the Canon Speedlite system. Problem is they are mostly thought of as macro flashes and in the brains of the designers they are not configured to fire more than additional background flashes. In this post we'll explain how this can be improved upon.

These specialist flashes are great if you only want to use an addtional Speedlite 430EX II or 580EX II as a background illumination source with the slaves set in group C. If you are thinking a bit more creatively and thinking to use the MR-14EX as a low powered portrait ringlight then you may need to control some additional flashes in groups A or B linked to the tubes on the ringlite.

The key here is custom function 5 in the ringlite or twinlite. Setting this to 1 instead of the factory default of 0 will enable the flash to trigger other wireless speedlites in groups A or B. That's all for today's top tip.


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Wowee, you sure know your stuff.