18 November 2008

Polarising filters

polariserPolarising filters are not just for landscapes! 
While polarisers are the standard filter for most landscape photographers, they also have a valid place in the gadget bag of just about any photographer.
Here I was trying to shoot some images for a friend who runs his own company. The screen of his van was glaring badly in the light, so I took out the polariser to cut it out. 

So, if at any time you find yourself with reflections and glare on glass or water that you need to remove, the polariser is your friend. 

How does it work? Well, quite simply, they block light rays moving in a certain plane. By rotating the filter you can see the effect through the lens which makes it a lot easier to use. It won't work all the time though. If you are shooting in the sun, or with the sun at your back, you will not find muc effect of a polarising filter. To get the most out of it, you need the sun to be at 90deg to you as it was in these shots. 


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