29 November 2008

Shutter life

How long will my camera shutter last? 
For many users, that's a common question, especially now Canon publish shutter life ratings in the specifications.
So, to save you hunting around the web for them , we thought we'd put them all into one place so you can find out easily.
Now, the thing about shutter life is this. Just because a shutter is rated to 100,000 frames, does not mean at 100,001 frames it will die. Equally, it's not a guarantee that it'll reach 100,000 frames. We know several photographers who have far exceeded the expected shutter life of their camera - one I know of claims his EOS-1D Mark II is well over 1million frames already. That's a LOT of images. 
So, without further ado, the published shutter life counts for EOS cameras:

EOS 30D - 100,000
EOS 40D - 100,000
EOS 50D - 100,000
EOS 5D - 100,000
EOS 5D Mark II - 150,000
EOS-1D Mark II - 200,000
EOS-1Ds Mark II - 200,000
EOS-1D Mark IIN - 200,000
EOS-1D Mark III - 300,000
EOS-1Ds Mark III - 300,000

Now, for those of you thinking that 100,000 is not THAT many, look at it like this. It would allow you to take c.274 pictures every day for a year. Or c.137 pictures every day for two years. Or c.91 images a day for three years. Or more realistically, if you shoot mainly at weekends, that's c.408 pictures every weekend for two years. When was the last time you took 400 pictures in a weekend? 


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