5 June 2009

Have you updated yet?!

We've mentioned it a few times now, and all being well, this will be the last time! We're moving!

Blog posts are now being made on www.eos-network.com
This is our new site with the blog (obviously!), a community/forum/network, details of our training courses, a weekly EOS Quiz question, our twitter feed, regular EOS tips and tricks, a photo gallery for you to upload images to and get peer feedback on (that came online this week!) and some soon to be added features - online training videos and downloadable podcasts.

If you've not dropped in to check it out and register on the site yet, you really should :-)

This message will be re-posted a couple of times this week to make sure you all get to see it!

If you read this by RSS feed and want the RSS feed for the new blog click this link!


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